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Good teamwork can make a real difference

Discover at the workshop by Pierre-Jean De Jonghe on June 20 how to improve your team management.

Dear Sirs,

The main theme of the workshop 'Team Coaching' is the realization of the importance of good teamwork and its different components. The workshop is directed by Pierre-Jean De Jonghe, master of law (UCL) and Master Certified Coach at the International Coach Federation.

Every day you experience that a business is a chain of different teams, ideally working in one direction when it comes to mission, vision and business values.
At this workshop you'll discover how to optimise the assets of every worker and every team and direct every one to work in the same direction, thus leading your business towards future success.

The agenda of the workshop :

Exercise in group dynamics
  • During this exercise every participant discovers and analyses his or hers weaker and stronger points when it comes to teamwork. Every point is linked and compared to the qualities of real efficient teamwork.

  • Presentation of 3 processes of team management
  • 1- How to manage the work,
  • 2- How to manage the internal process between the participants,
  • 3- How to manage the external process in realtion to every outsider

  • What are the characteristics of a real top team ?
    After defining the characteristics that are typical for top teams we present a methode to supervise each team in order to let it grow and evolve at its own pace, depending on its budget.

    All teams, even the best, can be improved. Because every team has blind spots that are only visible to someone from outside the organisation.


    These sessions are directed in English.
    Make your choice and don't hesitate to talk about it with your collegues.

    Do you want your teamworkers to make progress ?
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    I'm looking forward to meet you at one of our workshops !

    Best regards,

    Pierre-Jean De Jonghe,
    Master Certified Coach

    >> Welcome Pierre-Jean De Jonghe

    When :
    Programs in elaboration

    Where :
    De Jonghe&Partners S.A.
    VillaVita - Rue J. Desmet, 66
    B-1332 Genval - Belgium

    Agenda :
    8.30h : reception and coffee
    9.00h : start of the workshop
    12.30h : lunch
    13.45h : end of the workshop

    How much :
    200 € / person - Excl.Tax
    (lunch included)

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