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The concept behind our workshops
The concept behind our workshops is to approach specific facets of human efficiency. Beyond our developmental trajectories, we propose to enrich you professional or private life, in more general or specific areas.
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Workshop "The state of excellence"
Find the right balance between emotion and reason. For each one of us, there are good days and there are bad days. Sometimes we are in a most graceful state, other times we're in a most spiteful state, we're everything is suspended in a cloud of negativity. The most remarkable thing is that sometimes we're not even fully aware of this.

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Workshop "Charisma"
Evaluate and markedly augment your relational potential. Artists and public figures often seem to have a little mysterious magnetism, called 'charisma'. Where does this stem from ? How does one develop the resources that lead to this form of natural leadership ? Where are the keys to the verbal and non verbal impact one can instantaneously have on others. The Workshop 'Charisma' helps you discover and explore the relational potential, everyone has, but rarely fully employs.

Charisma

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