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Influencing the ratio of cooperation

1+1+1+1+1+1+1 should be 6 ! alas too often this statement is false. Synergies that work naturally are rare. The reality shows that most often each one does better on his own turf, without coordination, without coordination, little communal direction of information, little or no group dynamics, without talking about intra office issues or a lack of understanding regarding the objectives of other individuals.

How to improve this situation ? Developing a certain empathy, giving importance to each member, respecting differences, being ready to negotiate in function of the primary concerns of the company,... The keys that unlock emulation are numerous. Up to you to grab them !


We propose a personalized process in order to optimize the synergies of the team, and creating an efficient team where there is satisfaction in working together. Becoming an example for the other compartments of the company. We will study the team, and it will become a greater asset, that's a guaranty.


Together we design, and decide on the shedules you wish to use and which will serve as the base for objectives you wish to reach. Together we will set the rhythm, the duration and form which the sessions will take. The personal form and content of the trajectory will be created by us in function of your needs.


In terms of the trajectory, the team will win in efficiency, thanks to a frank interpersonal communication, sincere and direct. The participants will learn the art of giving a respectful feedback, constrictive but not witholding. They will develop an understanding of the other participants, creating cooperation and stimulating complementing synergies. The team will apprehend to deal with their grievances in the interest of the enterprise.


Coaching of our salespeople has allowed us to evolve the relation with our dealers and reach our elevated goals... my personal coaching was en evolving, rich process thanks to the quality of your listening and stimulating observations.
Serge Caustur - Directeur Général Renault Belgique-Luxembourg

On all levels, we notice an improved efficiency, thanks to improved coordenation, a more direct communications and positive resolutions to grievances in function of the general interest. Which allows for the creation of a better professional environment on the human level.
Marina De Smedt - Directeur Général Louis Vuitton Benelux

Pierre Jean de Jonghe has guided our board of directors with chutzpah to establish our vision, mission and long term strategy... He has utilized methods that strongly fomented our conscience. This basis has allowed us to envision options and take concrete decisions... Today that result has allowed our board of directors to always functions with the same vision formenting a positive atmosphere with the personel, the clients and the dealers. This vision is now set in our genes.
Philippe Maricq - Directeur Administratif et Financier .

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