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Manage your challenging relationships

We have all had our experiences with difficult relationships. Certain types of personalities are so diametrically opposed on our own that we’ve had difficulty understanding them, and sometimes even seeing their qualities. What sort of relationship do you want to improve ? On which facet of your personality in the professional or private frame, do you wish to better evolve ?

Relational coaching allows individual to function better together and to find their identity. It takes in account two dynamics, the dynamic of individuals, and that of relationships.

Objectives and content

We offer three interesting options :

A/ Individual relational coaching
We propose to outline your relationships with you in private, in order to figure out it’s strengths and weaknesses. We analyze the difficult relationships you have with certain individuals and help you find more constructive ways to approach them. You might, in order to reinforce this coaching take the interpersonal communications trajectory.

B/ Relational coaching process
Wetter it is in life or the work place, you follow a course together with the person with whom you have a challenging relationship. A trajectory that will allow you to learn and discover about one another, and maybe even appreciate one another. This trajectory is adapted to your needs and the degree of urgency.

C/ Crisis coaching
Because we can no longer manage our disagreements we may enter a relationship crisis. This may have grave consequences. Hence it asks for an urgent treatment in a neutral frame that allows mutual respect. We propose to discover constructive means in which to solve problems together, with mutual respect.


Relational coaching allows :

  • To better communicate and to do so sincerely
  • To resolve conflicts and relationship problems
  • To develop a complementing effect in a team , by the synergy of difference
  • To adapt to a different cultural or professional environment
  • To integrate foreign profiles into a team
  • To allow the individuals of a team to better function and to find their identity in the group dynamic

The presence of strong personalities in an agency, be it that of the creative division or management, has propelled me to approach delicate management matters with Pierre Jean de Jonghe on many occasions. I appreciate his attentive ear, never pointing or wagging the finger. The useful manner in which he rephrases situations or problems. And especially his capability to create avenues of discussion and solutions.
Yves Baudechon -president DDB Belgique

In any case the feed back and the obtained results have always been very good, and have allowed to create in our enterprise a most unique team spirit.
Alain Prick -Sap division director Covnsys Europe

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