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Finding resources trough a new vantage point

In our time of elusive brands and perpetual change, the solitude of management in face of their challenges is a reality for many. Even if everyone does their best, no one is perfect and constructive feedback without compliancy is a necessity for progressing.

From which vantage point to attack challenges ? How to remove obstacles ? How to commence implementing change ? On which values to build support ? The neutrality and the external objectivity of individual coaching is an important factor in success, which has been proven in the past. If there is still doubt, we will offer you a test session...


The coaching is useful when a change is needed or preferred. It may exist in solving a problem (reactive coaching ) but it may also be developmental coaching. More specifically, individual coaching allows :

  • Learning more profound and expediently from experiences.
  • Taking a renewed look at the reality of things.
  • Confronting the internal reality and a neutral vantage point of a proffesional.
  • Developing the potential of each individual in a personal fashion.
  • Analyzing the doubts in a constructive fashions as to take better decisions.
  • Improving wellness or preformance.

Taking into account essential elements that allow for the creation of simple, but not simplistic solutions. Both in very short and long term, those who have been coached often stand out in dualities : higher productivity and respect of others, performance and respect in general, leadership and active listening, decision taking and results. The coaching helps render each division or enterprise more autonomous, whatever the circumstances. The goal is to allow everyone to express their sincere wishes and objectives, so that effective decisions can be taken.


« The get togethers I had with Pierre Jean, for me personally, remain the model for cooperative relations I strive to have both in the work place and in life : After more than 15 years at the helm of a large enterprise, it was a breeze of fresh air to re-united the person and the job.»
Jacqueline C.- formatrice coach

« One of your great strengths is your empathy, for which the way you handle the people you coach is more than evidence enough. Your questionnaires lead to an understanding of the needs, in the face of sessions on corporate strategy coaching. The work environment of our organization and the progress made by the coached persons... It's what allowed us to reach our tangible results, expeditiously.»
Philippe Ch Six - Directeur general de federation du notariat belge

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