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In a time when management lives in perpetual adaptation. The challange for managers is to engage in a personal transformation that equals that of the times .So they can play their role to the fullest, and help the team trough their adaptation .

Innovation is the true definition of a manager. In shaping the future, tactics play an important role. The crucial part is to have a full grasp of the process. Our role as Executive Coach, for the last twenty years is to assist and aide managers in his capacity. Is to develop a coherent and dynamic vision for the future, with a strategy and overview of management modules.

  • Breaking barriers « To think differently and break the solitude that power brings. By creating a communication environment where the manager is no longer solely in an integral role, but a person that can be personally adressed
  • Taking both charge of, and distance from the role : Being focused on the essentials, separating the urgent from the important, and keeping a focus on the ball. Leaving the fold in a creative fashion, and last but not least, daring to innovate.
  • Building a durable team, accompanied by a durable transformation of the root culture.
  • Knowing how to formulate and communiqate a strategy that speaks to everyone, as an actor.
  • Guiding the internal and external evolutions during phases of change.
  • Speeding up the process of understanding the new contexts, and rapidly defining a strategy that takes into account the interests of everyone in the group.

The content of the coaching will be designed and tailored on a case by case basis. Together we will design the rhythm, duration and form which the sessions will take. The personal form and content of your trajectory will be created by us in function of your objectives.


The context of confidence in which the relation is constructed allows the manager to take a step back and discuss the issues in all sincerity. In the process learning how to apprehend new solutions, solutions of which he is both the catalyst and translator. More so than developing his abilities in conducting change, the manger , with the assistence from a coach, one can identify and then deploy to the fullest his personal leadership style, learning to use both his strengths as weaknesses in his advantage. From this search for his identity a new quality is developed in relation with his team. A team where success becomes a communal goal.


«(...) I have been able to observe your interventions as a coach in enterprises, where i had experience myself as advisor to executive search, the interventions we’re simply spectacular... ...Your coaching of management teams where the managers found themselves in serious crisis situations, or in a period of strategic transformation are truly usefull. Many managers and individual rightly estimate you to be one of the five best coaches in the kingdom of Belgium...»
Michèle Lison - Fondateur et Administrateur-délégué de Michèle Lison & Consultants

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