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Evaluate and increase your relational potential, trough knowledge

FUTURE DATES : Full seminary.
New dates to be scheduled


Artists and public figures often seem to have a little mysterious magnetism, called 'charisma'. Where does this stem from ? How does one develop the resources that lead to this form of natural leadership ? Where are the keys to the verbal and non verbal impact one can instantaneously have on others. The Workshop 'Charisma' helps you discover and explore the relational potential, everyone has, but rarely fully employs.

  • To know the components of your charisma.
  • Evaluate one's proper resources and one's "Charismatic potential trough the feedback of others"
  • To collect ideas and means, enriching and developing them.
  • Know how to increase one's positive impact on others.


  • Develop Self Awareness ("know yourself").
  • Develop compartmental flexibility : Adapt to others.
  • Increase one's efficiency in communicating, and one's influence and imprint trough knowledge.
  • Develop a relational coherence.
  • Release your personal magnetism.
  • Rediscover and recalibrate the contagious influence of humor and enthusiasm.


  • Locate the key to access others.
  • Rediscover compassion , and understand it's importance.
  • Develop one's impact on others.
  • Be gentle with the people around you, and hard on the problems.
  • Stimulate and boost the potential of others around you.

At the end of this course, the participants will have increased their potential to influence. Their look, attitude, discourse and presence will have been reinforced. They will have gained a "just" confidence in themselves, inviting others to listen when they speak.


«Intense seminary, enriching and….shocking !»
Thierry Durand - Vice president sales Conrad Europe

« The continuous progression of the exercises, which at the start seem alleviating, allowed, stage by stage to go to the heart of one's self. »
Pierre-Louis C. - Director of Financial Operations Fortis France

« Globally an extremely positive experience. The rhythm and the feedback are OK. I am impatient to participate in the next seminary »
Sylvianne Canio - Sylvianne Canio - Coach, President of the IFC/B

« The topic of the seminar is far broader than what is charisma is usually reduced to. Hence one is assured of going to the bottom of things and finding profound personal breaks(…) Very good seminary which nicely completes my work and my self awareness. »
Laurent - Directeur de Marketing

« The seminary has again shown me your immense capacity to animate, listen, analysis, coaching and the passion for your trade. Bravo !!! »
Katia - Consultant in executive search

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