De Jonghe & Partners
De Jonghe & Partners
Business and Personal Growth

A place of replenishment and harmony !
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Image and harmonization of individuals, workplaces and living spaces.
With the aide of an image and harmony expert, discover how to energize and optimize your work space (entrepreneurial
or trade).
Offering you a benevolent energy in your living space and garden thanks to feng shui.
Learn how to feel in harmony with your personal image to make your strengths a natural fit.
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Master certified coach Pierre Jean De jonghe proposes you take a harmonious and efficient approach to reach the best usefulness and optimal formulation of strengths.
Do you have a change to realize as an individual, for your team, or your enterprise ?
Do you wish for a personalized formation, or assistance in dealing and handling a specific crisis or issue transformational nature ?
Enjoy the benefit of a personal approach to coaching developed over the course of 20 years !
Well Being and Efficiency